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Cyber Advisers helps solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique client focused approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of cyber security services and solutions  to help  organizations  achieve a secure  infrastructure  as well as  optimize  performance and  productivity.

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A clear message of where your organization’s security program stands, where it can go, and how to get it there—that kind of vision and strategy requires the experience and expertise of a security leader. Most small and medium size businesses do not need a full-time CISO on their staff. With Our CISO-Services  our Customers get access to the valuable guidance of a security leader, without actually having to bring one in-house. By providing the CISO Services on a part time basis we are able to help you implement an effective cyber security program while drastically reducing cost.   

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Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are struggling to determine what is the best approach for developing and implementing an effective cyber-security program. Our methodologies can provide the framework for guiding organizations through this process. We have developed project and program management methodologies to assist institutions with developing a customized, cost-effective, and practical approach to cyber security. This approach combines the discipline of project management with the latest cyber-security technology and data-protection best practices. 

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Credibility. Access. Experience. We are the most experienced and successful boutique executive and professional search firm specializing in Information Security, IT Risk Management, GRC and Privacy. We are known for placing senior professionals & “C-Level” executives and building the teams that support them. Whether you are searching for an executive, or building a team, leverage our unparalleled access to the industry's best professionals. We have a steady bench of people who are enrolled in our CISSP Certification courses that we are able to tap into to meet your requirement.

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