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Prudent & Effective Cyber Security Operations

CYBER ADVISERS has introduced the "Cyber Security as a Service" hybrid platform with a goal to provide cost-effective security for small and medium as well as non-profit organizations. As illustrated below, our Cyber Security as a Service is a turn-key 360-degree platform that allows organization to get an effective cyber security program up and running in months rather than years. Putting the pieces together of the cybersecurity puzzle can be an herculean task. The 360 Platform takes a balanced view of the various dimensions of a successful security program.

The objective here is to provide a simplified yet holistic view of the cybersecurity domain for Business Leaders to device an effective security strategy and categorizes the key controls into People, Process, Technology, and Organizational for management to choose a phased approach to implementation. It also provides cost savings of over 50% by leveraging the best of breed open source security solutions and pooling of highly skilled resources.

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